Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

the next steps

The people in Tunesia and Egypt write history and create a large momentum for democratic developments in the world. This coincides for instance with diverse events in Gemany like huge demonstrations against an oversized railway station in Stuttgart or against  factory farming in Berlin or a very popular and succesfull Volksentscheid (Referendum) against a rigorous primary school system in Hamburg. Government interventions lose more and more their reputation and I am pretty sure that as part of this process and due to inadequate monetary policies over many years paper currencies like the US $ and the Euro will default in the next years. I see a strong movement towards liberty understood as taking responsibility for oneself and ones world and towards good willed cooperation among each other.

Financially I don't see much chances to take advantage of the expected economic and financial turmoils. I would rather reduce investments and emphasize instead securing value by buying physical gold and silver. This might lead to a "rising" personal financial balance but only measured in paper currencies. I guess it's a good time to practice being "modest "and enjoy the basics of life.

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