Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

Eurozone practising clientelism with Greece

Corruption and clientelism are rightly seen as very detrimental for successful modern societies. The sociologist Rainer Lepsius explained clientelism as dominating a society if the question "What can you do well and contribute? is replaced by the question "To whom do you belong?" It looks like Greece as a country suffering from clientelism since centuries has adopted just this client-patron-relationship with the Eurozone when its government and parliament accepted the austerity measures and further credits and backing of the path of Grexit which would have meant more risk but also more chances to develop own strengths. The Eurozone dominated by the principle to stay together "at any price" independent of economic reasoning and current rules & treaties thus has adopted the role of patron.

Clientelism practiced by Eurozone institutions is the last thing we should accept on our way to further develop a modern European society.

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